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“There Can Be No Keener Revelation Of A Society’s Soul Than The Way In Which It Treats Its Children.” — Nelson Mandela, Former President Of South Africa

Dr. John Flett MBChB, MRCP(London),FCP(SA)

Dr. John Flett

My medical journey started almost 30 years ago as a General Practitioner in a small Town, Waterfall, not far from the Hospital I now work in; Hillcrest Private Hospital. It was during this time as a GP dealing with young families and their precious new off-spring that a "Paediatric call" was heard loudly. Along the way I traveled with my family to the U.K, to specialise in Paediatrics, gaining the British Paediatric Specialist qualification, MRCP(UK) Paediatrics within two years. I was fortunate enough to work in centres of excellence like Great Ormond Street children's Hospital and The Hammersmith Mother and Child Hospital, gaining top-level experience and learning from leading experts in the care and development of children. On returning to South Africa my journey continued in the department of Paediatrics, at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. In 1998 I gained my South African Paediatric Specialist Qualification, FCP(SA) Paediatrics. After spending time as a consultant at the Johannesburg General Hospital, the yearning to return to Durban grew stronger, and in 2000 I returned to Durban to enter `private practice

I enjoy all aspects of Paediatrics and child health care. I get a real buzz  interacting with parents and their children, solving problems no matter how small they appear. I manage the care of babies as small as 500g and 25 weeks at birth and on the other end “children” of  over 90 kg and 25 years old.

I have a strong passion for managing all aspects of schooling related problems These include child and adolescent: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, conduct problems, developmental problems, learning problems, and the complete range of ADHD associated challenges

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